Tenpin - 2 games of bowling and a burger for £10


Offer start date: 24/12/2018

Offer end date: 24/12/2018

Get 2 games of bowling and a burger meal for only £10 per person this festive season at Tenpin!

The Christmas deal is 2 games of Bowling and a Burger Meal available from Monday 26th November up to and including Monday 24th December. Christmas package is available all day from centre opening time on Monday until 6.00pm on Friday each week (centre opening times vary, please check when booking). The '2 Games' in the Christmas package refers to Bowling, but if available customers can choose 2 games of Sector 7 instead (please check when booking if your local Tenpin has these activities). The deal is only available to be pre-booked at least 30 minutes in advance of their game. This can be done either online, at our call centre or in a Tenpin Centre. The burger option will be Beef Burger, Cheese Burger, Bean Burger or Veg Fingers. The burger option available to children are from the 'Kids Stuff' section of our menu - Beef Burger or Cheeseburger, with a vegetarian option of Vegetable Fingers, with an option to upgrade to Chicken Bites for £1.50. Tenpin Tuesdays will be available from 6.00pm during Christmas School holidays. Weekday birthday parties, student offers and concessions are disabled for the school holiday period (dates vary by location, check with your local area). Only the peak Eat & Play deal is available on Friday's after 6pm and all day Saturday & Sunday during the Christmas period. A Junior is aged 16 years and under. Prices shown are per person. Management decision is final. Tenpin Ltd reserves the right to withdraw or amend this offer at any time.