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Easter at the Little Dessert Shop

Date Posted:25/03/2019

Our friends over at Little Dessert Shop are hopping right into Easter. 

The eggs are already filling the shelves at your local supermarkets and the Little Dessert Shop are joining in on the excitement!

Thier bakers have gone Malteser® bunny mad, busy creating three new sweet products especially for you to try this Easter. Each treat is infused or decorated with the limited edition bunny treat and will be hopping into your local Little Dessert Shop as of the 18th March.


They specialise in cheesecakes and each one is handcrafted by our expert bakers. They used the signature Malteser® bunny to make a special limited edition cheesecake for the holiday period. It has a thick chocolate base with Malteser® infused cream cheese, topped with a rich chocolate sauce and crushed Malteser®. LDS know how much our customers love gelato so it’s only fair to pair the two. Malteser® Bunny cheesecake and Vanilla gelato all the way! (£4.10 per slice)


Or how about a Malteser® bunny brownie! Gooey all the way through and perfectly warm served with a cool scoop of our Vanilla gelato. Enjoy this chocolatey brownie on the go to perk up those boring lectures, long office meetings or busy days where you need an extra hop in your step! – (£3.95)


Their third and final limited edition product is our crowning jewel; the Malteser® Easter egg shake; because why not? A classic chocolate egg, filled with a creamy milkshake combining Malteser® and gelato. To top it off we squirt a swirl of cream and crushed Malteser®, with drizzles of chocolate sauce – yum! Stick a straw in and it’s all yours – Anyone else drooling right now?

All products are available as of the 18th March until the 31st April but are in limited quantities so hop right to it for a shake, and slice or two


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